Chest Binding

Recommendations for Binding or Taping Your Chest Safely

Many trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and agender people experience chest-related dysphoria, and some choose to use tape or a binder to flatten their breasts. Binding can have significant benefits to mental health and mood, and is associated with improved well-being and quality of life for those that experience dysphoria related to their chest.

General Safety Information for Chest Binding and Taping

General Tips for Binding and Taping


There is a lot of good information about binders online, but you should still be careful about trusting what you read. This page is good and comprehensive:

Critical Safety Information for Binders

Helpful Tips for Binders


It can be difficult to find good information about taping online, but these three pages are helpful:

Critical Safety Information for Taping

Helpful Tips for Taping


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