Public Health Updates

This page serves as a hub for Queering Medicine's responses to multiple public health issues. You can find each entry in this hub by navigating the navigation at the top of this webpage, or you can click on the links below to be taken directly to each page. Have a suggestion for something QM should write about? Email us and let us know!

Public Health Crisis Weekly Round-Up

  • Click here to see a series of round-ups related to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and other public health crises. New posts are added every week.

QM Leaders Share Vaccine Stories

  • Click here to read stories from Queering Medicine organizers about their taking of the COVID-19 vaccines and how it affected them.

COVID-1 9 Response

  • Click here to see terms associated with COVID-19 traslated into non-scientific language and frequently-asked questions translated into Spanish.

Statement on Reversal Of Transgender Health Protections

  • Queering Medicine responds to the current administration's effort to udermine the health and well-being of trans people. Click the link to read the full statement.