QM Needs your Help: Queer Needs During COVID-19

The current COVID-19 crisis has caused tremendous disruptions to everyday life in communities we care for deeply. We at QM are prioritizing our efforts to address new challenges that COVID-19 has brought upon queer people in our community. Our projects will continue to center trans, POC, and queer communities. What we plan to do:

QM Communication about COVID-19

QM would like to help you make sense of information being circulated by: 1. Translating data into digestible language, 2. Dispelling misconceptions and linking to evidence, and 3. Curating relevant data, and articles on a weekly basis

Mutual Aid and LGBTQIA + Community Needs Survey:

    • Existing Lansing-area resources: If you haven’t already, please see the Lansing MI Mutual Aid Offerings for COVID-19, a community led resource where individuals can request support with specific resources or services. See link here.

    • LGBTQIA+ specific needs: If you need something that is more queer specific that you don’t feel comfortable posting on Lansing Mutual Aid site, let us know, and we will take steps to determine how we can make a similar platform that is more queer/trans specific. We recognize it can be challenging to share needs specific to queer experiences in non-queer spaces. For LGBTQIA+ specific needs, fill out the LGBTQIA+ COVID-19 Community Survey: Impact to Healthcare and Wellness. You can also email us at queeringmedicinelansing@gmail.com. We want to plug-in to existing efforts to support queer people and connect with local organizations to synthesize our efforts.

[Updated] Provider Directory for Services Post COVID-19 Outbreak:

    • If you are a healthcare and wellness provider in the Greater Lansing area who is continuing to offer services (i.e. telehealth, phone consultations, etc), please fill out the Queering Medicine Provider Directory [Post-COVID-19] Update. If you have already filled out this survey, but have changes to your services following COVID-19, please fill it out again. We will provide updated info soon.

Our main goal is to help folks navigate new problems encountered in healthcare and medication access, questions and concerns you have related to COVID-19, and your general thoughts about how QM can help during this difficult time for everyone.

Over the next few days, we will share more details about each Covid-19 specific project. Stay well everyone! ♥️