Queering Medicine

What are we about?

Queering Medicine is a grassroots coalition that follows the tradition of queers taking their health into their own hands by seeking sustainable healthcare system changes. We are not affiliated with Michigan State University, though many of our members work for or are students at MSU. We work to affirm and support LGBTQIA+ individuals and identities in the Lansing area.

We recognize the exploitative nature of the relationship between institutional knowledge, the queer community, and other minoritized communities. We seek to deprivilege university knowledge by bearing witness to the experiences of LGBTQIA+ folk while being mindful of the need to decenter white, male and other historically overvalued identities.

We affirm that university-based research and knowledge should ultimately be translated and disseminated to the community and see such decentralizing work as vital to a thriving and diverse queer community in the Lansing area. We use our privileged positions within the queerphobic and transphobic institutions in which we have been trained to improve healthcare for those most at-risk in our community.

We see a future for healthcare systems and institutional knowledge that is mindful, respectful, and responsive to diverse LGBTQIA+ identities and our unique health needs.

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Engaging LGBTQIA+ community members to identify healthcare needs

A large part of our work is listening to queer folks in Lansing and what their specific needs are.

Improving healthcare by providing education to community members

We worked for the past two years since our inception to build connections and enter medical spaces to educate and train physicians and other provider staff on respectfully interacting with queer folks

Connecting queer and queer-friendly healthcare providers with community

We work a lot to make sure LGBTQIA+ Lansing residents are connected with providers who will respect and affirm their health needs.